Thursday, April 29, 2010

Website of the week - Phlow Magazine

"A free mp3 music magazine for Creative Commons Culture"

Click the free mp3 downloads tab or scroll down to music genres. They also have a search engine. You can even submit your own music!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm From Barcelona - 27 Songs From Barcelona (2010)

Inspired by Kiss’ simultaneous release of four solo albums in 1978, “27 Songs From Barcelona” features one solo song for every member in I’m From Barcelona.

1. Daniel Lindlöf
2. Anna Fröderberg
3. Tina Gardestrand
4. David Ljung
5. Mathias Alriksson
6. Johan Mårtensson
7. Cornelia Norgren
8. Rikard Ljung
9. Henrik Olofsson
10. Mattias Johansson
11. Marcus Carlholt
12. Emma Öhnell
13. Erik Ottosson
14. Johan Aineland
15. Frida Öhnell
16. Jonas Tjäder
17. Christofer Olofsson
18. Olof Gardestrand
19. Kristoffer Ekstrand
20. Tobias Granstrand
21. Micke Larsson
22. David Ottosson
23. Jacob Sollenberg
24. Martin Alfredsson
25. Emanuel Lundgren
26. Jakob Jonsson
27. Julie Witwicki Carlsson

1. Lower My Head
2. But Hey Even Though Your Horses Went Away
3. Baby Let’s Go
4. Silence
5. The Return of the Ape
6. What Should I Do
7. Pet Duet
8. Nothin Like the Mornin
9. Make Me a Cowboy Again for a Day
10. Be the Same
11. Tour de France
12. Hej Hej Ivar
13. Zapatista
14. Best Days Are To Come
15. Morning Again
16. Göteborg
17. Alice in Wonderland
18. My BPM Might Be Off, But My Heart is Running Like a Clock
19. UHOH
20. Troublemaking
21. To the Clouds
22. The Wave
23. Sick of Love
24. Kosmonaut
25. Hang On
26. Matilda
27. Dreaming My Dreams

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Donna Summer - Once Upon A Time (1978)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Website of the week - Easter eggs!

Do you get frustrated searching for those hidden features? This site is loads of help finding things you never knew were there! There are eggs for music, movies, dvds, books, and even video games and art! You can also contribute if you've seen something that isn't listed there.

The Easter Egg Archive:

Happy hunting!