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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The JustGoodTunes Christmas Album (2008)

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Disc 1:
Charlotte Church - The First Noel
Tex Ritter - Christmas Carols By The Old Corral (1945)
Bing Crosby - Christmas Dinner Country Style
Ryan Borja - The Saving Season
The Charlie Daniels Band - Jesus Is the Light of the World
Hank Thompson - Mr. & Mrs. Snowman
Alicia Keys - Little Drummer Girl
Dido - Christmas Day
Cliff Richard - Mistletoe & Wine
The Year Without A Santa Claus - The Snow Miser
The Year Without A Santa Claus - The Heat Miser
Kate Bush - December Will Be Magic Again
TLC - Sleighride
Cyndi Lauper - Feels Like Christmas
Amy Grant - The Night Before Christmas
Carrie Underwood - Do You Hear What I Hear?
Loretta Lynn - Shadrack The Black Reindeer
David Essex - A Winter Tale
Brenda Lee - I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus
Aimee Mann - Calling On Mary
Charo - Donde Esta Santa Claus?
Newsong - Christmas Shoes

Disc 2:
Merry Christmas, Neighbor - Ben, Little Joe, & Hoss Cartwright
Rosemary Clooney - Jingle Bells
Techno Carol of the Bells
Anita Baker - Christmas Fantasy
Transiberian Orchestra - The Silent Nutcracker
Hanson - Merry Christmas Baby
Nancy Wilson - The Christmas Waltz
Kirk Franklin - Silver & Gold (Christmas Remix)
Jars of Clay - Little Drummer Boy
Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Tex Ritter - Here Was A Man
Louis Armstrong - Christmas In New Orleans
Ferlin Husky - Christmas On The Range
Loretta Lynn - I Won't Decorate Your Christmas Tree
Colbie Caillat - Mistletoe
The Eagles - Bells Will Be Ringing
Delta Goodrem - O Come All Ye Faithful
Roy Rogers - The Night Before The Night Before Christmas (12-25-1952)
The Drifters - Auld Lang Syne

Monday, July 16, 2012

JustGoodTunes FAQ's

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How do I unzip the files?
Winrar is great.

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Hover your mouse over "Disc 1:", "Disc 2", etc. The links are embedded.

About Page Errors:
If you get a page cannot be displayed error or similar, this is a problem with your PC and/or connection. It has nothing to do with us and we cannot help you.

*Special Notice*We have seen people stooping to stealing our name and posing as us to make it appear as if WE posted our links on their site(s). Sometimes they include a link back to some other website or blog. We have NEVER posted without the password. We do not post on any other site but Sharez. If you see anyone else posing as JGT do not be fooled - it's a fake!
*Update* We have actually seen a site selling our FAQs! This is craziness!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jordan Trotter - Jordan Trotter (2008)

Jordan Trotter's soulful and sultry voice stamps a resounding signature all over her charming and musically diverse debut album from Moonwatcher Music. This intriguing blend of Pop, Country, and Americana Roots music will introduce listeners to this artist's distinctive blend of influences, heard in her vocal style and songs. Each tune is sprinkled with subtle vocal nuances and moments that will make you want to replay the music to hear the artist sing a certain phrase...over and over. Jordan's love for many of the pre-eminent singer-songwriters of the past few decades, such as Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Emmylou Harris is highlighted throughout the course of her self-titled album. Fans of multi-platinum contemporary artists such as Carrie Underwood, Norah Jones, and Kelly Clarkson will identify with her pristine blend of voices that is seemingly familiar, but also refreshingly unique. In the end, the most important ingredient in Jordan's music is her genuine ability to communicate each song's story through her emotive singing, giving the listener a common thread heard in each unique song. Mix in a dazzling smile, charismatic personality, and a dash of southern charm...and you get an irresistible combination.

Veteran Producer Joe Taylor (the successful former recording artist/producer for legendary label RCA Victor) assembled a stellar collection of songwriters and quality songs, including: the powerful pop/country ballad, It Matters To Me, co-written by veteran NYC songsmith, Jeff Franzel (who has previously had his hit songs recorded by Clay Aiken, Shawn Colvin, Hayley Westenra, and Taylor Dayne), and the spiritual ballad, Angels By My Side, written by hit songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman (Faith Hill's This Kiss).

The choice of material and musical textures range from a mellow, funky reading of the Jimi Hendrix classic, The Wind Cries Mary to the upbeat, vivid storytelling of Bonnie & James (written by Jordan and Joe Taylor).

Other standout songs include the bluesy, sultry pop of I Want You, the latin-tinged, mellow sounds of Magia De La Luna, and the finely orchestrated, lush arrangement on the pop-country track Gave Her Wings.

Two classic pop tunes get extreme makeovers...check out the up-tempo, energetic cover of the Joni Mitchell classic, Car On A Hill and the rockin' version of the Aretha Franklin classic, Chain Of Fools.

Every lady has met her "Mr. Wrong", so don't miss the sassy, Southern-fried, funky tune, Ain't Enough.

1. I Want You 3:35
2. Gave Her Wings 4:02
3. It Matters To Me 3:32
4. Bonnie & James 4:46
5. Car On A Hill 4:09
6. Ain't Enough 4:03
7. The Wind Cries Mary 4:11
8. Magia De La Luna 4:21
9. Chain Of Fools 3:40
10. Angels By My Side 4:03
11. Hickory Wind

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Website of the week - Tim Burton & NBC Combo

We wanted to post something fun this week - if you're a Tim Burton fan you'll love The Tim Burton Collective. Click on the movies tab to see individual pages for each one. Don't miss the Lumplings section, either. Also worth investigating:

Tim Burton Dream Site:

For NBC fans, check out HalloweenTown.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Beehave Magazine Presents: Another Way To Fight - Vol. 1

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Beehave and its entire team is proud to present Another Way To Fight - Vol 1, the first compilation of the history of the mag! Fruit d'efforts intenses, notre voeu le plus cher est qu'elle plaise à tous. Result of intense effort, our dearest wish is that it appeals to everyone.

Au total, plus de 4h de musique grâce à 60 titres métal, hardcore, électro, slow rock, punk, indie, et même death : il y en a pour tous les goûts ! In total, more than 4 hours of music through 60 tracks of metal, hardcore, electro, slow rock, punk, indie, and even death: there's something for everyone!

01. Fireflight - “Unbreakable”
02. House of Heroes - “In The Valley of the Dying Sun”
03. Ocean Is Theory - “Oh Broken Son”
04. Anchors - “Jack Meets John And Paul”
05. Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster - “Dry The River”
06. La Dispute - “Said The King To The River”
07. My Epic - “The Oil Press”
08. Saving Grace - “The Most Beautiful Promise”
09. Nitengale - “Flatline”
10. Day By Day - “A Better Way To Fight”
11. Dalton - “Gabriel”
12. Atmosfog - “J’ai besoin de toi (démo)”
13. Take It Back! - “Standing on the Edge of Hope”
14. Kingston Falls - “Dry Skin (Moz Def)”
15. As I Lay Dying - “Within Destruction”
16. Icon Clan - “BNB”
17. xDEATHSTARx - “The Great Opiate”
18. War Of Ages - “Sleep Of Prisoners”
19. The Winston Jazz Routine - “A Ghost Beneath The Tower”
20. Gwen Stacy - “The Fear In Your Eyes”
21. The Devil Wears Prada - “Hey John, What’s Your Name Again”
22. La Rose de Saron - “Avorté”
23. State Bird - “I Saw The Light”
24. Remove The Veil - “The Revision”
25. All Your Friends Are Dead - “Almost Home”
26. For Today - “Never Lose Sight Of The Goals”
27. Gray Lines of Perfection - “Letting Go”
28. See The Light - “Better Get Used To This Sore Throat”
29. Impending Doom - “My Nemesis” (2:51)
30. Interstates - “Uniforms Forever” (5:13)
31. Simon Says No! - “Shiver” (5:49)
32. Austrian Death Machine - “If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It”
33. Jeroan Drive - “Cheat vs. Clockwork”
34. Kashee Opeiah - “Oh Endless Ocean”
35. Letter To The Exiles - “Eulogy”
36. Means - “What We Seek”
37. NoiZ - “Zemlya Palaje”
38. Recovery - “Not Yet Lost My Faith”
39. Saphena - “Schatten”
40. Source of my Faith - “For You”
41. Thieves & Liars - “The Author Of My Dreams”
42. World To Ashes - “Crown Of Victory”
43. A Hero Remains - “Tuxedo Black”
44. A Plea For Purging - “Sons Of Vipers, How Will You Escape…”
45. Blessthefall - “Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad”
46. Blood Command - “Five Inches Of A Car Accident”
47. Bringing Down Broadway - “Barely There”
48. Corpus Christi - “Starry Nights, Cloudy Hearts”
49. Cottonbomb - “Down There By The River”
50. Deuteronomium - “Fields Of War”
51. Escape From Sickness - “Dreams Are Not To Die”
52. FBS - “Fight Before Surrender”
53. Rapid Rascals - “Till I Die”
54. The Spirit That Guides Us - “Control”
55. Kekal - “Isolated I”
56. Illuminandi - “The Rider (English Version Of “Je?dziec”)”
57. Our Proclamation - “Relapse Recovery”
58. The Closure - “Vacant Hearts”
59. Make Up Your Mind - “The Wind Blows A Lovesong”
60. Triplet - “Breaking Cars, Hearts & Falls”
61. Eastone - “Tout Pour Moi”
62. Sleeping At Last - “Heaven Breaks”

French link:

Translated English link:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year's Gift!

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Click the flag to read in English. (2008) (2005) (2002) (2006) (2007) (2003)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Billy Currington - Little Bit of Everything (2008)

1. Swimmin' in Sunshine
2. Life & Love and the Meaning Of
3. Every Reason Not to Go
4. Don't
5. People Are Crazy
6. Everything
7. Walk On
8. No One Has Eyes Like You
9. That's How Country Boys Roll
10. I Shall Return
11. Heal Me

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Josh Gracin - We Weren't Crazy (2008)

1. Found
2. We Weren't Crazy
3. Invisible
4. Let Me Fall
5. I Don't Want to Live
6. Favorite State of Mind
7. Telluride
8. I Keep Coming Back
9. Sweet September
10. Livin' It Up
11. Unbelievable (Ann Marie)

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

JustGoodTunes Presents: Enya - Remixes Vol. 2 (2008)

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Exile (Remix)
Never Forget (Only Time)(Extended Remix)
Never Forget (Only Time)(Radio Remix)
Never Forget (Only Time)(Remix)
Only Time (Danny Morris Mix)
Only Time (Reggae Mix)
Orinoco Flow (Marcelo Trance Radio edit)
Orinoco Flow (White Label House Mix)
Orinoco Flow 2000 (Cory Activate's Circuit Bump Mix) aka Sail Away (Cory Mix 2000)
Secret Love (Remix)
Storms In Africa (Remix)
The Lord Of The Rings (Novacane Remix)
The Lord Of The Rings (Static Project Remix Edit)

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

JustGoodTunes Presents: Enya - Remixes Vol. 1 (2008)

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Anywhere Is (Dance Remix)
May It Be (Lord Of The Rings)(Novacane Remix)
May It Be (LOTR Extended DJ Mike Remix)
Only Time (Project D Ulterior Motive Remix)
Only Time (DJ Kuba New Generation Remix)
Only Time (Pop Radio Remix)
Orinico Flow (Thunderpuss 2000 remix)
Orinoco Flow (Rave Remix)


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Friday, January 29, 2010

JustGoodTunes Presents: Abba - Remixes Vol. 3 (2008)

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Ring Ring (Rotary Phone Mix By DJ Aandre)
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Fred's Dance Remix)
Honey Honey (Sugar Sugar Mix)
I Am The City (Adrian Playing Pinball In The City Bricko's Remix)
If It Wasn't For For Danny's Mix
Lay All Your Love On Me (Beat to Beat Bricko's Remix)
Mamma Mia (Happy Peppy Choc Mix)
The King Has Lost His Crown (Evets Coronation Mix)
The MJM Reconstruction Mix
The Name Of The Game (Talk Feel & Show Mix By CRS)
The Visitors (Evets Help Me Mix 2003)

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