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Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Website of the week - Animusic

If you have the attention span of a flea, this is probably NOT for you. If you might like computer-animated electro-jazz videos, then try this site. What's it all about? Find out here:

You can preview clips here:

AND here's the download section with 2 free HD videos, mp3s, wallpapers & screensavers:

Here's what some musicians have had to say:
  • Jon Anderson, YES

"AMAZING . . . I love Animusic's work so much. . . ."
  • Phil Keaggy, Master Musician

"I found the DVDs of Animusic to be both entertaining and brilliant.

Technology that is highly defined and accurate with a real sense of creativity and musicology is usually to be found in multi million dollar production budgets, but here Dave Crognale and Wayne Lytle have proven that this can be done with passion and brains and whole lot a talent.

As a musician, I was fascinated and delighted in the visual and sounds of such and great achievement.

Well done ~ you brilliant creators of Animusic!”
  • Alan Parsons, Producer
(Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon)

"A stunning combination of unique computer animation and bombastic electronic music – very clever stuff!"
  • CJ Henderson, Author
(Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Movies)

"This is more than a mere gathering of clever animations. The works featured in Animusic are the first step toward an entire new entertainment field. This is a sci-fi melding of radio and film so innovative, so provocative, that the history books will refer to this collection the way they do Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or Citizen Kane."