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Monday, July 16, 2012

JustGoodTunes FAQ's

This blog will not return.

How long has this blog been around? 
Our official birthdate is July 27, 2006.

What's the password? It is at the top of EVERY page!

Your password doesn't work! Help!
Just copy & paste it. It always works. Make sure there are no extra spaces.

The archive is damaged/file won't open. Help!
Try re-downloading the file. Sometimes it stops before it finishes and you don't notice it. Also, make sure you're entering the right password.

How do I unzip the files?
Winrar is great.

The link is deleted/file not found. Now what?

I see a cd set with no apparent links. Why?
Hover your mouse over "Disc 1:", "Disc 2", etc. The links are embedded.

About Page Errors:
If you get a page cannot be displayed error or similar, this is a problem with your PC and/or connection. It has nothing to do with us and we cannot help you.

*Special Notice*We have seen people stooping to stealing our name and posing as us to make it appear as if WE posted our links on their site(s). Sometimes they include a link back to some other website or blog. We have NEVER posted without the password. We do not post on any other site but Sharez. If you see anyone else posing as JGT do not be fooled - it's a fake!
*Update* We have actually seen a site selling our FAQs! This is craziness!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Internet pirates buy 10 times more music than others

According to research, those who download 'free' music are also the industry's largest audience for digital sales
A pro Pirate Bay demonstration in Stockholm, Sweden

Are pirates really keeping the music business afloat? Photograph: Fredrik Persson/Scanpix/PA
Piracy may be the bane of the music industry but according to a new study, it may also be its engine. A report from the BI Norwegian School of Management has found that those who download music illegally are also 10 times more likely to pay for songs than those who don't.
Everybody knows that music sales have continued to fall in recent years, and that filesharing is usually blamed. We are made to imagine legions of internet criminals, their fingers on track-pads, downloading songs via BitTorrent and never paying for anything. One of the only bits of good news amid this doom and gloom is the steady rise in digital music sales. Millions of internet do-gooders, their fingers on track-pads, who pay for songs they like – purchasing them from Amazon or iTunes Music Store. And yet according to Professor Anne-Britt Gran's new research, these two groups may be the same.
The Norwegian study looked at almost 2,000 online music users, all over the age of 15. Researchers found that those who downloaded "free" music – whether from lawful or seedy sources – were also 10 times more likely to pay for music. This would make music pirates the industry's largest audience for digital sales.
Wisely, the study did not rely on music pirates' honesty. Researchers asked music buyers to prove that they had proof of purchase.
The paper's conclusions emerge just as Sweden's Pirate Bay trial comes to a close. Pirate Bay's four defendants, who helped operate the notorious BitTorrent tracker, were sentenced to a year in jail and fined 30m SEK (£2,500,000) in damages.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Modern Classics (2009)

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01. Canadian Tenors - Adagio (4:28)
02. Hayley Westenra - Shenandoah (3:22)
03. Il Divo - En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor (3:53)
04. Russell Watson - Nella Fantasia (4:30)
05. Ryandan - Dentro Me (3:44)
06. Three Graces - Requiem (4:06)
07. Vittorio Grigolo - Tu Sei (3:25)
08. Sarah Brightman - Think Of Me (3:12)
09. Ronan Tynan - Danny Boy (3:59)
10. Patrizio Buanne - A Man Without Love (3:25)
11. Luciano Pavarotti - Ti Adoro (3:12)
12. Emma Shapplin - La Notte Etterna (5:47)
13. Les Choristes - Voi Sur Ton Chemin (2:19)
14. Katherine Jenkins - O Sole Mio (3:19)
15. Natalie Choquette - Canon (4:53)
16. Les Anges with Gregory Charles - Ave Maria De Caccini (3:56)
17. Libera - Libera (3:57)
18. All Angels - Pie Jesu (4:37)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Michael Jackson - Memorial Mix (2009)

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01. Opening
02. History
03. Beat it
04. Get on the Floor
05. PYT
06. Wanna Be Startin' Something
07. Billie Jean
08. Smooth Criminal
09. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
10. Thriller
11. Say Say Say
12. Black or White
13. Bad
14. Dangerous
15. The Way You Make Me Feel
16. Tabloid Junkie
17. In the Closed
18. She Drives Me Wild
19. Blood On the Dance Floor
20. Remember the Time
21. Scream
22. Who is it
23. Man in the Mirror
24. You Rock My World
25. Unbreakable
26. They Don't Care About Us
27. Give it to Me
28. For All Time
29. Cry
30. Will You Be There
31. The Girl is Mine
32. Heal the World
33. Break of Dawn
34. Privacy
35. We've Had Enough
36. The Lady in My Life
37. Keep the Faith
38. Earth Song
39. Dirty Diana
40. Stranger in Moscow
41. You Are Not Alone
42. Gone Too Soon

Total playing time: 47:42

Link donated - thank you!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

JustGoodTunes Presents: Duran Duran Vs. Cyndi Lauper (2009)

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Who is the winner? Decide for yourself!
01 Cyndi Lauper - At Last (Live On The Today Show)
02 Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf (Carnival-Night Version)
03 Cyndi Lauper - Lies (Aelfhere's Liar Mix)
04 Duran Duran - Notorious (Disconet Mix)
05 Cyndi Lauper - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Ael's Dai Happy Mix)
06 Duran Duran - A View To A Kill (Art Of Noise Mix)
07 Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (Zeta Deejay 2002 Mix)
08 Duran Duran - White Lines (70's Club Mix)
09 Cyndi Lauper - Comfort You (Fh+'s Positivo Mix)
10 Duran Duran - I Don't Want Your Love (Big Mix)
11 Cyndi Lauper - Shine (E-Bubbles Mix)
12 Duran Duran - Rio (Carnival-Night Version)
13 Cyndi Lauper vs DJ Zol - Girls Just Want To Have Fun 2003 (Future Funk Dub w original vocal)
14 Duran Duran - Wild Boys (Wilder Than Wild Boys Extended Mix)

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