Saturday, April 21, 2012

Website of the week - aCharts

Welcome to ╬▒Charts. ╬▒Charts gives a quantitative impression of the happenings in the global music industry. By summarizing chart history of performers, songs and albums. And by listing over 35 music charts from this and previous weeks, which are free for download.
On this page you will find links to all charts as well as a popular performers cloud and the search option which grants you access to chart info on 14824 performers, 18675 songs and 19592 albums. Read our Questions 'n Answers for help. Enjoy the Charts!

Single Charts:
Australia Singles Top 50
Austria Singles Top 75
Belgium Singles Top 50
Bulgaria Singles Top 40
Canada Singles Top 100
Denmark Singles Top 40
Dutch Top 40
Finland Singles Top 20
France Singles Top 100
Ireland Singles Top 50
Italy Singles Top 50
New Zealand Top 40
Norway Singles Top 20
Portugal Singles Top 50
Spain Singles Top 20
Sweden Singles Top 60
Swiss Singles Top 100
UK Singles Top 75
US Airplay Top 100
World Singles Top 40

Album Charts:
Australia Albums Top 50
Austria Albums Top 75
Belgium Albums Top 50
Denmark Albums Top 40
Dutch Albums Top 100
Finland Albums Top 40
France Albums Top 150
Ireland Albums Top 75
Italy Albums Top 50
Norway Albums Top 40
NZ Albums Top 40
Portugal Albums Top 30
Spain Albums Top 100
Sweden Albums Top 60
Swiss Albums Top 100
UK Albums Top 75
US Albums Top 100
World Albums Top 40