Monday, October 24, 2011

Website of the week - Tim Burton & NBC Combo

We wanted to post something fun this week - if you're a Tim Burton fan you'll love The Tim Burton Collective. Click on the movies tab to see individual pages for each one. Don't miss the Lumplings section, either. Also worth investigating:

Tim Burton Dream Site:

For NBC fans, check out HalloweenTown.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Website of the week - Breast Cancer Awareness

October is both spring & fall, depending on where you reside. But world over, there are too many people stricken with this awful disease. Did you know men can get it as well? In America & Canada, October is breast cancer awareness month and it is symbolised with a pink ribbon. Here are some helpful sites:

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - The Site:

The Breast Cancer Site: (THIS is the one to visit most - one click from you can help!)

Breast Cancer Care UK:

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre (AU):

Pink Ribbon International:

Pink For October:

Estee Lauder turns certain buildings pink in commemoration, including:

The Harbour Bridge Sydney Australia
The Hangzhou Department Store Hangzhou China
Niagara Falls Ontario Canada
The Eden Project Cornwall England
The Majestic Hotel Cannes France
The French Affiliate Building Paris France
The Angel of Peace Munich Germany
City Hall Reykjavik Iceland
Azrieli Towers Tel Aviv Israel
Constantine’s Arch Rome Italy
The Arena Verona Italy
Tokyo Tower Tokyo Japan
City Hall Square Seoul Korea
The Dam Square Amsterdam The Netherlands
The Skytower Auckland New Zealand

Spanish: Lazo Rosado
French: Ruban Rose
Italian: Nastro Rosa
German: Rosa Schleife
Dutch: Roze Lint
Danish: Lyserøde Sløjfe
Czech: Růžová stužka
Finnish: Roosa Nauha
Hungarian: Rózsaszín szalag
Norwegian: Rosa Sløyfe
Latvian: Rozā lente
Lithuanian: Rožinis kaspinas
Persian: روبان صورتی
Polish: Różowa Wstążka
Romanian: Panglica Roz
Russian: Pозовая лента
Slovak: Ružová stužka
Swedish: Rosa Bandet
Turkish: Pembe Kurdele
Hebrew: סרט ורוד
Serbian: Ružičasta mašna
Slovenian: Rožnati trak

To lighten the mood a bit, here's a fun list of October holidays worldwide:

* Children's Book Week (England) - First Week of October
* National Day (China, People's Republic of) -October 1
* Independence Day in the Republic Of Cyprus October 1
* Independence Day in Nigeria- October 1
* International Day of Non-Violence - October 2
* German Unity Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit) - October 3
* Proclamation of Portuguese Republic (Portugal) - October 5
* International World Teachers' Day - October 5
* Independence day in Nigeria - October 6
* Independence day in Croatia - October 8
* Thanksgiving (Canada) - Second Monday of October
* Thanksgiving (German Europe)(Erntedankfest) - the first Sunday in October
* Health and Sports Day (Japan) - Second Monday of October
* Columbus Day (Most of United States) - Second Monday of October
* World Food Day - October 16
* Constitution Day in Niue - October 19
* Apple Day - October 21
* Remembering the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 - October 23
* United Nations Day - October 24
* Day of the Romanian Army - October 25
* Independence Day in St. Vincent & the Grenadines - October 27
* Independence Day in Turkmenistan - October 27
* Navy Day (United States) - October 27
* Independence Day in Greece October 28
* Republic Day in Turkey October 29
* Halloween - October 31

More October Fun here:

And here:

Echo & The Bunnymen - Do It Clean (Live 1983)